Clear, concise teaching and great value for money

By Matthew Cromwell
On October 16, 2019

After searching the web I’d been looking for a complete guide from start to finish in which I could use as a checklist to begin my watch repair journey and with level 1, Mark Lovick manages to undertake this task exceptionally.

Utilising the approach (taking in to consideration that everyone learns differently), Mark has managed to incorporate the VAK model (visual, auditory, kinesthetic) to ensure different learner types are catered for with great success. Not only is the content easy to follow and starts from the beginning with regards to tool preparation and the basic internal workings of the mechanical watch, Mark displays all information by way of video and downloadable .pdfs to aid with learning.

The value for money is exceptional and his clear communication comes across well through the videos during his teaching. I’m currently enrolled on to level 2 and will look forward to developing my watch repairing skills along this journey and as an added bonus have like minded watch fanatics that I can bounce ideas off in the Facebook group. All in all a win win, big thanks to Mark and the Facebook group members for helping me along my journey.

Admin Response...
Thank you Matthew Cromwell for your feedback - we really appreciate your comments.