Good Starting Place!

By Timothy
On March 14, 2021

This Level One course is a great place to begin. If you have an interest in tiny mechanical spring powered devices, Here is the doorway you need to begin that journey into a quiet slow burning madness.
The basics are laid out in a coherent and unhurried manner. Presented by a narration that I fully expected to break into “And now for something completely different”, but, no. Narration remained light and purposeful.
I recommend this course of study as an overview of what one might require to undertake the delicate and purposeful task of watch repair.
Covering tools and supplies, work stations and mindful arrangement of all elements. Going in not knowing anything is a good place to begin from. You can learn anything if you start out ignorant enough.
(as I can attest and affirm)

Admin Response...
Thank you Timothy for your feedback - we really appreciate your comments.