The gritty substance of it...

By Timothy
On March 15, 2021

Yup, another five star review.
This course helped me to more thoroughly comprehend the “why” of it all.
I have been tinkering (with moderate success) about with pocket watches for a time, but of a few points remained largely ignorant of the “why” of it all. Slowly, the chapters in this course shed light into the meaning of the subtle interactions between parts, what beat is all about and how to dial it in when it is off. Regulation is not just controlled by the little needle pointy thingus. beware of hairsprings, they can be unruly (and get bent all out of shape for the silliest of reasons).
I’ve rebuilt a new-old-stock Unitas 6498 and cased it with a nice dial and strap. I’ll never wear the thing, it’s freaking HUGE!
BUT, I did it!
Of course it has issues because I remain a bit of a dolt. However I am a wiser dolt than before and will dive again into this and set it aright straight away.
If you have finished the first lesson, I recommend the Second to provide more “meat” to the menu, it is packed with information that does not only apply to the task at hand, but crosses over quite handily to other works and movements.
the odd thing is, while studying,
the “a-ha” moments don’t feel as profound until after.
When you mentally rehash the lessons, you suddenly realize that you’ve absorbed more than you thought you did.
then you kinda feel smart for a moment.
it is a feeling you can get comfortable with.
I rather enjoyed the narration, easy going, not dumbed down or condescending in any way.
with this set of lessons, some basic tools, and a fussy bit of watch movement, One could pass time on a deserted island in a bamboo hut with little difficulty.
not that it would be ideal, you just could.
I like that I am not just a guy with a few watches,
I’m now a guy who can actually WORK on watches.
Thanks Mark for keeping this sacred art of watchmaking alive!

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