So is it really dead?

One of the most common topics of conversation with customers over the years is regarding the dying art of watch repairing. Is it dying? Is it dead?

Well I believe that this trade is far from dying and is certainly not dead! Certainly it has changed, but so do all trades.

Since the creation of quartz and digital watches, the perception of watches being a disposable item has been heightened. But in fact there is still a huge demand for high quality timepieces which naturally require specialist attention and regular service.

The worth of a watch is not just its monetary value. A watch with a relatively low high street price and near zero resale value may well be considered a family heirloom and could be invaluable to the owner.

A cheap Casio LCD watch can have more value in sentimental terms than a diamond ring depending on the owners viewpoint. These watches need to be repaired when they go wrong – and they do go wrong!

There will always be a need for the trained watch repairer, that is a fact. But the perception remains that it is a dying trade. The watch industry understands this and some manufacturers are now sponsoring training programmes for students to enter the business.

There are still healthy training programmes available, notably from the British Horological Institute and W.O.S.T.E.P

I beleive this is not a dying trade but a trade with massive potential. Long live the humble watchmaker.

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