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Lord Benex Service – Felca 4001 movement

This is a Lord Benex automatic watch with a calendar and the movement is a Felsa cal.4001

As the photo’s illustrate, the watch movement has a lot of dirt floating around. I also observed many fine hairs especially around the watch escapement.

The winding crown is quite worn and should be replaced as well as the perspex crystal (an armoured type) due to a crack between the 7 and 8 o’clock chapters.

Whilst there are some quite deep scratches on the case, it is not advisable to polish these out as the case is gold plated and this would polish down to the base metal. The base metal is already exposed at the tips of the case lugs.

The watch is marked water resistant, but due to the amount of wear and tear, this watch would not be considered water resistant any more.

The following pictures illustrate some of the points made.







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