Vintage Breitling Pusher Repair

This Breitling had a broken pusher (for operating the chronograph). The old pusher screw broke off at the thread and was made of brass which is not an ideal material for a screw under so much pressure. The chronograph reset pusher screw is made of steel and so the brass screw is obviously a prior replacement and not original.

A Swiss replacement was sourced, however, the screw head which normally would push against the operating lever on the movement was way too short.

To resolve this I manufactured a new screw using blue steel wire with the same profile as the replacement pusher screw and made the head to be long enough to push against the operating lever.

The following pictures detail some of the steps involved in executing the repair.

Breitling_Pusher_Replacement_00001 Breitling_Pusher_Replacement_00002 Breitling_Pusher_Replacement_00003 Breitling_Pusher_Replacement_00004 Breitling_Pusher_Replacement_00005 Breitling_Pusher_Replacement_00006 Breitling_Pusher_Replacement_00007 Breitling_Pusher_Replacement_00008 Breitling_Pusher_Replacement_00009 Breitling_Pusher_Replacement_00010 Breitling_Pusher_Replacement_00011 Breitling_Pusher_Replacement_00012

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